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    Mars Coat King Standard Range


    £16.00inc. VAT

    The Mars Coat King range of dog grooming products are particularly easy and effective in keeping all types of coats matt-free and tidy.

    They can be used both by professional and home users as part of a regular grooming programme. They are high quality products made in Germany using Scandinavian steel for the blades. The blades are set at a specific angle to ensure safe and optimum usage.

    The standard range has fixed blades using the same high quality steel. They need replacing completely when blunt. Available in fine, medium or coarse. Blade width 1 1/2. 

    • Standard fine is  for short-haired and long-haired dogs with a finer coat as well as terriers.
    • Standard medium is for long-haired dogs eg. Old English Sheepdogs.
    • Standard Coarse is ideal for wire-haired dogs eg. Schnauzers/Terriers.                                                                                    

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