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    Leoveties Horse Treats

    £4.95inc. VAT

    • Leoveties Horse Treats

    • £4.95inc. VAT

    • LEOV02

    Naturally so healthy!

    Carefully mixed at low temperatures with nutritious ingredients.

    Available in three flavours;

    • Apples and Swallow Thorn

    Apples - fountain of health wityh viatmines, fibres and fruit acids, stimulating motivation

    Swallow Thorn - pretection against infrections with plenty of viatmines, minerals and bnut oil.

    • Oranges and Oatflake with Bio-mos

    Oranges - the classic suppliers of vitamine C for a strong immune system

    Oat Flakes - a healthy energy source with a positive impact on the entire organism

    Bio-Mos - boosts the intestines health and development, and has a positive effect on the performaance of your horse

    • Mangos, Carrots and Honey

    Mango - vitalise, help prevent infections, provide stress and strain resistance

    Carrots - with plenty of valuable beta-carotene for a beautiful, shiny coat, healthy skin and strong hooves. 

    Honey - quickly provides your horse with energy thanks to its verious and healthy substances

    The ideal treat for rewarding your horse

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