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    We used the super shine oil for a couple of days prior to the show! Wow! What a versatile product! The show hunter pony, has an almost 'afro' unruly mane, so this product was great,it smoothed his frizzy bouffant into a sleek glossy manageable mane! We also found this a great product to put a few drops into hot water for hot clothing after exercise. Again another handy use for it was to mix it with the black make up to use down the black points on their legs it made them really stand out and glisten in the sun light." - Nikki Louise Johnson SG ambassador ✨


    Clover looking super smart after only using the Smart Grooming tail rake for only 5 minutes! You heard me right, only 5 minutes it took to re-do her tail and get it looking much better!

    Clover refuses to have her mane or tail pulled and I've found this is the only way that she will have it done. I'm convinced that she actually even likes having it done this way!

    E M Eventing – June 2015


    I used the Super Shine lotion for the finishing touches: a tiny (around a pea sized dollop) amount rubbed into my hands and then worked through her tail and brushed through, this made brushing easier too and then rubbed some into the plaits to give her extra shine.

    I also wanted to see what else it could be used for so put a small amount on a cloth, rubbed in my quarter marker brush and finished off my sharks teeth. This left a lovely shine on her coat and helped the sharks teeth stand out. With the same cloth I then dusted over the rest of her brown bits to create an all over shine.

    Super Shine lotion is only needed very sparingly so one bottle will last me the whole show season, it doesn't leave any residue at all but finishes off with a lovely shine. Would highly recommend, a must have for everyones grooming basket.