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    Stencils and Sprays

    We have a great selection of quarter marking stencils and colour sprays to enhance and customise your horse or pony.

    Our quarter marks can be brushed in traditionally, or sprayed on to the coat with a choice of colour sprays which are water based and easy to wash off.  Just don't spray them on when its about to rain!

    If you are wanting to quarter mark in the more traditional way, then we suggest you try our Smart Grooming quarter marking spray to use before marking, this ensures that the quarter marks can stay in place all day.  We also suggest you use a really good quality body brush, and would like to point you across to the range that we offer from our Swedish brush company, Borstiq.

    We have various reviews about our products that can be found on our website and also if you "like" our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/smartgrooming - this will give you access to reviews and feedback from our customers which can be very helpful when making a purchase.


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