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    16th April 2016

    Tidy tails the Humane Way

    Tidy tails the Humane Way

    Tidying tails the humane way to give a show finish is quick, easy, painless and safe.  It really does take minutes to tidy a thick bushy tail, to regain the shape and be neat and tidy for the show and competition ring.

    The Smart Tails thinning rakes come in three types - the Standard black plastic range which have three grades of thinning blades - fine, medium an coarse and are disposable once they finally go blunt.  

    The yellow handle range which comes in 4 grades, - Super fine, fine, medium and coarse.  These take replaceable blades and the blades can also be interchangeable.  If you have several horses to do, and have several types of hair/tails to tidy on a regular basis these are good to choose.

    The professional range has a smooth wooden handle and is otherwise identical to the yellow handle as described above.  These are hand finished and feel really nice to hold, but otherwise work in exactly the same way.

    Use down the side of the tail as if you are combing through and continue in  downward direction until you get the look that you like. If you are just wanting a bit of definition but not looking like it has been pulled, then choose the coarse grade.  If you are tackling a very thick tail, then a coarse one again is good.  You may then want to go up to a medium or fine grade for finishing.

    For maintenance, then choose either the medium or fine depending on how close you want the final finish.

    Here is the video link to our latest tidying session - https://www.facebook.com/SmartGrooming/videos/936369019825268/

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