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    11th May 2015

    Smart Grooming Review - Coat Sheen

    Smart Grooming Review - Coat Sheen

    Smart Grooming Review - Coat Sheen

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your horses?

    I had a very busy one with Francesca's 3rd birthday party Saturday morning, a Polo tournament Saturday afternoon and then showing yesterday at Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre. 

    Sadly it was not to be our day, with the judges preferring Hacks to Riding horses. Beanie is the epitome of a riding horse - He's a nice 16.2 with sturdy muscular legs with a nice amount of bone, and very equal in this proportions. 

    But Georgie and I couldn't fault him so we're not disheartened. He was a perfect gentleman giving the judge a lovely ride, he went off beautifully and smooth in his transitions and wasn't pulling and was soft and buttery in his mouth. He was a pleasure to groom and get ready yesterday and was so affectionate and sweet (not sure it was just cause I had polo's in my pocket or not! haha) not tugging me around and being pushy! Such a good lad! 

    Talking of grooming I got to use my Smart Grooming tools again - This time I used Coat Sheen. I've had this for a couple of weeks now and used it before but only now has it been sunny and dry when we've been out and I wanted to wait to show the true level of shine it creates!

    Coat sheen blog

    Our class was the very last one yesterday so after a lovely lay in and giving Beanie a chance to chill out and graze on the grass, we got him in and due to the lovely warm weather he had a bath! He's a very water happy horse so loves them as you can see, covering Georgie in bubbles while washing his tail. Pesky flies!

    coat sheen blog

    Coat sheen blog

    After giving him a good clean with baby shampoo and getting the ingrained oil and dirt out of his coat he was squeaky clean!

    We allowed him to dry naturally in the sun shine, meaning his coat dried nice and flat. Once he was fully dry I got my coat sheen and positioned the bottle about half a foot away from his body (so not to get too much in one place, but to make sure it evenly sprayed his coat) I sprayed the sheen directly onto his flat lying coat. Once he was evenly covered I brushed it in with a goat hair brush like this one. It gently works the coat sheen into the coat slightly under the top layer, allowing it to lift out the other colours in the coat.

    coat sheen blog

    This was taken just as we were leaving and wow, he is shiny huh!? He's a very copper orange chestnut as you can see, and coat sheen really makes his coat shine!

    coat sheen blog

    blog imges

    blog images

    We worked hard to get B as beautiful and shiny as possible with perfect plaits and white legs. Smart Groomings products work together to compliment each other and have more than one use which is partly why I love using them so much! 

    I was really excited to see another competitor with a tub of leg and body whitener out yesterday making her horses legs sparkly white! I hope these reviews have been helpful and if there is anything else you'd like me to try, so let me know! 

    Until next time

    S x

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