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    17th June 2015

    Smart Grooming Review - Black Show Make up

    Smart Grooming Review - Black Show Make up

    As I am sure you're aware by now, I swear by Smart Grooming for show prep and Georgie and I will be using them from now on.

    After the lovely ladies at Smart Grooming sent me a little care package a few weeks ago i've been trying out all the lovely products. I've been a very busy bee lately but a couple of weeks ago I tried black showing make up on a friends retrained racehorse, now polo pony, called Aggy (Annia Galeria)

    She's a light bay and very dark legs. Unfortunately she also has some scars and white fur on her from old injuries from racing, but this also meant she was a perfect test pony!

    To start we brushed off all dirt, dust and any dry sweat etc from her legs so they were nice and clean. Then, using a small clean piece of cloth (wrapping the end over the index fingertip) and dipping it into the pot. Making sure to get a decent amount of black make up on the tip. I should note that we had a good few white fur marks to cover up so did use a good covering on the cloth but if it's a small blemish then sparingly if it's just a small blemish as does go a long way (As previously mentioned in older blog posts, all Smart Grooming products go a long way). Depending on the type of blemish, you can also use a small sponge if you'd prefer - This will be better for dabbing on and using more on larger areas. We wanted to cover the white dots so choice a more sweeping motion of going with direction of the fur. The pot is only about an inch and a half wide so it would have to be a small sponge to fit.

    Going with the motion of with the hairs direction we made sure to cover all the white hair underneath too, rather than just cover the top layer of fur as with work this may rub off more easily.

    Test one was Aggys white marks on her knee, cannon bone and back of her tendon are.

    This is before applying the make up -

     blog images

    Rather a lot of white spots from old nicks and cuts.

    blog images

    After - 

    Completely covered up! Can you find where they were?

    Now that is impressive. They were pretty prominent white marks on her legs and now they're completely hidden. Covered really well, and from a foot or so away you couldn't tell she had white fur scars at all!

    We also had a bigger scar to cover- Before Aggy was a polo pony she used to race, and must have had an incident racing or while in training as when my friends Steph and Francis bought her she already had this scar just below the knee. It doesn't bother her or affect her performance but it's pretty noticeable as it doesn't have any fur coverage..(As you can see)

    blog images

    Doing the same as above with the white marks, we got the cloth over the index finger and dipped it into the pot to cover it generously.

    Then in a more circular motion set to covering the scar.

    Me and Steph were impressed by the coverage of the white marks so were keen to see how it would cover something this large and prominent. Well here's how it turned out - 

    blog images

    Yup, I can hardly see it either! It's covered the skin of the scar and blended it into the black fur making it pretty darn difficult to see! I am seriously impressed.

    As my background is showing I am aware that this kind of scar would be no doubt be seen by the conformation judge and held against the horse in a show setting such as ROR competition (Although it would be ignored if it were under TARRA rules) but if you were wanting to hide a scar or knock such as this, then this makeup would do the job spot on! I'd even go so far to say that if it were a small enough blemish that this makeup would camouflage it sufficiently for it not to be seen

    (Note - use to cover blemishes in showing at your own discretion)

    blog images

    I am absolutely amazed at just how well it worked.

    The above pictures were taken on a Saturday, Aggy was left out overnight in a field, rolled and got rained on and it still stayed on all day Sunday without needing to be reapplied.

    A week later after multiple rides and a couple of wash off's after polo it still stayed on (yes we checked)

    It had faded a little, but it did stay on which really is a credit to it's staying power. 

    Another time i'll try the brown one on the chestnuts and see how well that covers on them. 

    It can also be used as make up around the eyes and muzzle of a bays and black horses to accentuate those areas.  Once the black make up has dried highlight then using enhancing gloss 

    Blog images

    Overall I'd highly recommend Smart Grooming make up! I've never used make up on a horse before so went into this review with no idea how it would work or if it would work at all. But from the photos you can see it really does work! 

    I'd highly recommend it. They're only £8.95 and will last for ages! 

    I know some people use boot polish and such would I wouldn't recommend. They're made for polishing boots and could highly agitate the skin and could a reaction.

    Smart Grooming products have been specially made for horses to avoid such things happening 

    Aggy will be appearing in this weekends Mansfield Advisors/Tattersalls Flaming June Tournament at Suffolk Polo Club so I can't wait to use my Smart Grooming products to make her and Boo look amazing and fingers crossed they win best playing pony! 

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