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    13th July 2015



    The EquiGroomer - the most fabulous shedding tool ever! We have tried virtually all types, and this one is by far the most effective. A very simple design, so simple its ridiculous!  But does it work - absolutely - forget pulling at hair, this combs through thick dense hair with ease and doesn't pull or make it uncomfortable.  Great on even the most sensitive of animals.

    The videos that our USA designer has sent over, are great - take a look before buying and then you will be convinced! Watch the link below for use on dogs, and then there is a longer one to watch for horses.  These can obviously be used on all animals and types that have a coat that needs help with shedding.

    Our philosophy is to supply products that are effective, well made and really do work.  This is an absolute must for the grooming basket!

    Here are a few bullet points:

    • The EquiGroomer is a really easy to use shedding tool removing dead, loose hair and dirt from your horse or dog, leaving the coat smooth and shiny. It is particularly useful on sensitive equines and canines. 
    • The EquiGroomer is a simple shedding tool that you will want to use all year long. 
    • The EquiGroomer handle is made of solid wood and the blade from hardened steel meaning it wont wear down. 
    • The EquiGroomer is available in two sizes:Small and Large. The EquiGroomer comes in a range of bright and fun colours, and is a must have for any grooming box.

    To see how effective the EquiGroomer is on dogs, please follow this link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiBSdIRbDaA

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