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    30th March 2017

    Absolute Whiteness

    Absolute Whiteness

    Products that will help you achieve “Absolute Whiteness” from Smart Grooming’s Show Prep range – now you really can “Stand out from the Crowd!”

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    If you have a mud monster like this on the left, which needs transforming back to white as white, on the right,  you are going to need a bit more than just soap and water to get this little lot off, so help is at hand.  We have put together a range of products that will enhance and bring back the whiteness that you need for standing out at competitions and in the show ring.

    Our specially formulated whitening shampoo from the Smart Grooming range is Smart Grooming’s Deep Purple conditioning and whitening shampoo. 500ml £9.95

    This is a must have for the first stages of getting your horse washed and ready for the shows and competitions.


    Our enhanced formula has been designed to neutralize and lift out yellow stains and other marks on white/grey coats without damaging the hair or skin. Deep Purple ensures a luxurious bathing experience with its lavender fragrance as well as getting that white as white end finish. You can dilute the shampoo for a general wash or use directly on those difficult stains. Rub the shampoo directly onto the stain with a magic brush or sponge and lather it in well, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off with water. For optimum results, we would recommend washing you horse a few times leading up in the week prior to the competition.

    Next the shopping list is Smart Grooming’s Polar White – 500ml £9.95

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    This is our newest product in the whitening range and really is a spectacular stain remover for instant whiteness.  Polar White can be used on stable or grass stains and stubborn dirt and is particularly good at whitening feathers and socks.  For really ingrained dirt it can be used in conjunction with the Deep Purple shampoo to really whiten stained areas. For best results we recommend damping the stained/dirty area, then apply the spray directly onto the area or sponge and massage in well. Leave on for 5 minutes and then thoroughly rinse out. For particularly bad stains repeat the process. It can also be used on stained/yellow tails and used in exactly the same way.  Wet the tail, spray on, massage in thoroughly, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off.                                                                                                                                                                                   

    Another little “whitening secret” is our little pot of Super Blue – 30g   £8.95

    This pot might look small but don't be put off. This powder is so responsive you only need a tiny amount to ensure a brilliant white finish.  You would use this powder as the last stage to your wash and stain removing procedure. Use half a teaspoon to around half a bucket of warm water.  Great as a final tail dip and no need to rinse off.  This can also be poured over the whole body (particularly if you have a white horse) as a final rinse, and then leave to dry.  (Did I mention it lasts a VERY long time!).


    Leg and Body Whitening Powder – this really is for a final dazzling finish!  1 kg £13.95

    This powder ensures you have absolute whiteness for the final finish on all white areas.

    Apply to the body or legs where required with a damp sponge after dipping into the powder. You must leave to dry so allow enough time before you enter the ring and then brush off with a magic brush to remove the excess. This powder is perfect for when your at a competition and just before you start, apply some of this powder and you are definitely going to be a show stopper! Can be used in three ways and for best results apply:

    Dry – Damp sponge and dip into powder. Apply to body and leg area. Remove excess with clean brush when dry.

    Wet – Mix with water to a paste, apply to legs with a sponge and bandage. When dry, remove excess powder with a clean brush.

    Body use – Mix a small cupful with warm water and apply all over the body. Cover with a light sheet and allow whitener to dry.

    You should now have the whitest horse around and be ready to dazzle in the show ring! For all our Totally Smart Newsletter readers, we are offering 10% off all our Smart Grooming Show Prep products.  

    Wishing you lots of success and fun for this season and as always we are keen to receive your feedback and reviews on our products. Feel free to send in before and after pictures which we can then share on social media.

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